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Product Image Scentco Mint Chocolate Chipmunk Smanimal

Scentco Mint Chocolate Chipmunk Smanimal

$ 7.50 $ 14.99

Mint Chocolate Chipmunk

Each Smanimal is filled with super soft stuffing and environmentally friendly ceramic clay beads that have been infused with a gourmet scent. Every Smanimal comes in its own egg waiting to be hatched.

  • The bottom of your Smanimal's egg has a unique registration code.
  • Register your Smanimal Online: Name your Smanimal and print out a Birth Certificate. You can also personalize your Smanimal by adding in new hobbies and characteristics.
  • For every Smanimal purchased a portion of the proceeds are donated by Scentco to animal conservation charities

Each Smanimal is about 6 inches tall

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