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Product Image Recent Toys Puzzle Lock Outside the Box

Recent Toys Puzzle Lock Outside the Box

$ 19.99

For ages 7+ years. For ages 7+ years.

Do you enjoy watching friends work to get their gift from you ? Houdini(s small secret puzzle box may be the perfect gift.

It takes some thought and effort to figure out how to open this box. You can see the gift through the clear plastic ..... but getting to it is going to require a little brain power to secure it. Houdini(s Think Outside the Box is a fun and tricky puzzle.

Instructions are inside the packaging for the gift giver ...... illustrating how to open and insert a small gift. Obviously .....one does not want to give these "solving illustrations" to the recipient.

This is a fun loving puzzle. NOT meant to stump an engineer or PhD. Everyone(s experience will differ.

Secret Puzzle Box measures approximately 3 x 1.75 x 1.25 inches.