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Product Image Hape Double Dilemma

Hape Double Dilemma

$ 12.50 $ 24.99

For ages 10+ years. For ages 10+ years.

What is Twiddler? Twiddler is fitness for the brain. Maneuver the overlapping circles by spinning the transparent dial and rotate the colored tiles.

Crack the code of Double Dilemma by observing their initial layout and the end result. Start with three or four colored pieces and add more as your master it. Exchange them for other tiles until you unlock the proper pattern configuration and complete the design. Each move must be strategic in order to master Twiddler.

For kids 10 years and older - and adults - who enjoy immersing themselves in brain teaser activity. Simply set your own level of play and challenge your strategic, spatial and memory skills.

(63 Pieces includes 62 tiles, a "liquid wood” tray with magnets and a transparent Twiddler wheel)