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Product Image International Brilliant Bee Beeswax Cray

International Brilliant Bee Beeswax Cray

$ 10.39 $ 12.99

Remarkable Natural Crayons

Bright, vivid and triangular shaped crayons; Natural Beeswax Crayons have it all.

Comes straight from nature and formed as easy-to-use and perfectly functional crayons.

The colors lay smoothly on paper; black paper too, and are both thick and triangular shaped for a great ergonomic fit.

Roll away crayons are a thing of the past.

Each set comes with 24 crayons in a beautiful reusable case. Nontoxic.

24 Colors
Made from Real Beeswax
Triangular Ergonomic Shape
Writes on Black Paper
Reusable Case