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Product Image Breyer Sara Moniet Horse

Breyer Sara Moniet Horse

$ 39.99

For ages 8+ years. For ages 8+ years.

In 2011, the incredible Arabian mare OT Sara Moniet RSI was named the Arabian Horse Association(s (AHA) Distance Horse of the Year, the American Endurance Ride Conference(s (AERC) Distance Horse of the Year, the AHA(s High Point 55-99 mile Endurance Horse, and the Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse(s Drinkers of the Wind Challenge Champion. In that year alone, she covered 1,675 competition miles, completed all 31 rides she entered, and had 10 overall wins and 9 Best Conditions. She finished in the top 10 in all but one of those rides, carrying 225 lbs of rider and tack! Her wins included the 100 Mile AERC National Heavy Weight Championship, the 250 Mile Death Valley, the 200 Mile Eastern Mojave, the 165 Mile Shamrock, the 155 Mile Cuyama Oaks and the 155 Mile Moab Canyons races.

Scale: 1:9