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Product Image Educational Kyro 5

Educational Kyro 5

$ 7.50 $ 14.99

For ages 7+ years. For ages 7+ years. Engage students in language arts with the power of our electronic pen and cards! The perfect center activity! Aligned with NCTE and state standards, cards target 25 key grade–level skill categories per set. Use with Hot Dots Talking Pen, available separately.  
Offers opportunities to practice word study, phonics, grammar, reading comprehension, writing and more 
Encourages students to work independently 
Supports differentiation as you match skill–based cards to student needs 
Provides immediate positive auditory and visual feedback through the pen(s twinkling lights and playful sound effects 
Helps students become familiar with multiple–choice questions 
Qualifies for ARRA stimulus funding 
Each set of 300 double–sided cards includes 600 multiple–choice questions, all organized in a storage box with divider tabs, plus an Activity Guide, answer key, and progress tracking sheet 
Cards measure 5"L x 5"H 
Grade 2 
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