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Product Image gloHug Nano Pink/Purple 4" Phone Pillow

gloHug Nano Pink/Purple 4" Phone Pillow

$ 9.99

gloHug:The Perfect Tablet Companion case is so much more than just a case. It(s a whole new experience for any size tablet serving as a case and pillow in one. The patented shape and technology allows for the tablet to be easily inserted into the protective sleeve on the rear of the glohug while creating a hands free tablet experience. While inserted the tablet is protected by a touch sensitive clear cover that will protect from the stickiest of fingers and still allows cold tiny fingers to play games, flip pages on virtual books, or practicing those writing skills using a stylus pen. You can watch TV and movies in bed with your gloHug without having to make that perfect pocket in your comforter hoping your tablet won(t tip over right at the crucial scene. The convenient design allows for easy travel with the detachable handle that is versatile for hanging off of headrests, while it has been engineered to withstand the toughest of tugs. The soft plush fabric is great to hug and hold onto while being easy to clean. And at the end of the day you can flip it around and sleep on it anywhere you are! 
Fits iPhone (3g,3gs,4,4s,5), iTouch,Samsung Galaxy Note (2,S4),Nexus 4, HTC (1,8x) 
Amazing wedged design allows for a handsfree experience so kids can watch videos,play games,listen to music and more.(headphones,chargers and tablet not included) 
The device is protected by a see-through sleeve and Velcro closure to secure your tablet within the soft plush toy 
Pockets integrated so kids can conveniently carry all of their headphones and charging cables 
Huggable, Loveable case for your kids while protecting your device. 
Materials: Covering-100% Polyester, Fill-100% Polyester Fiber, Sleeve-100%Vinyl 
Electronics & Accessories are not included.