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Product Image Fat Brain Joinks

Fat Brain Joinks

$ 35.99 $ 44.99

Fat Brain Joinks

Fun to say, and even better to play, Joinks attracts inventors of all ages. Wooden sticks and silicone connectors that flex and bend, the potential is endless. Children and chemists build side-by-side. Connect, flex, build, play - JOINK!
  • Innovative building with flexible connectors and wooden sticks
  • Develop fine motor skills, visual-spatial proficiency
  • Encourage creativity, innovative design
  • Build fun forms, geometric shapes, molecular models, anything
  • Children and chemists build side-by-side

Product Dimensions: 14 x 11 x 2.2 inches

76 Piece Set

WARNING: Choking hazard! Not for children under 3 years