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Product Image Cloud B Twilight Sunshine Owl Natural

Cloud B Twilight Sunshine Owl Natural

$ 15.99 $ 19.99

Twilight Sunshine - Natural

Twilight Sunshine Owl is the compact solution for soothing sleep no matter where bedtime lands. Little ones will be fascinated at the slowly morphing colors that project a starry landscape onto walls and ceilings. While serving an important purpose, this owl doubles as a charming décor piece for any room. Portable and easy to carry, help ease fear of the dark for your little one wherever you are and light the way to a good nights sleep.
  • Projects a starry night sky in three calming colors: blue, green and red
  • Cycles through all three soothing colors automatically
  • Auto shut-off timer after 45 minutes to ensure complete darkness during your childs deep sleep, as recommended by pediatricians.

Portable and fun owl nightlight designed to help comfort children to sleep and ease fear of the dark
3 AAA batteries (Yes! Batteries are included!)