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Product Image Lego Chima King Crominus' Rescue

Lego Chima King Crominus' Rescue

$ 79.99 $ 99.99

Lego Chima King Crominus( Rescue Building Kit

Drop the Fire Tracker from the Helicroctor and save King Crominus! Rescue King Crominus with Cragger(s Fire Helicroctor with flick missiles and vehicle pick-up-and-release function for Laval(s Fire Tracker. The evil ice hunters have captured King Crominus so team up with the Croc and Lion tribes to rescue him. Place Cragger in the opening cockpit of his massive Fire Helicroctor, spin the rotors and launch into the sky! Swoop down to pick up Laval(s Fire Tracker and pursue the Saber-tooth and Ice Bear warriors. Target the enemy with the flick missiles and activate the quick-release to drop Laval(s vehicle into battle. Aim the Fire Tracker(s disc shooters at the ice hunters and save the Croc king from the ice trap!
  • Activate the spinning rotors of the Fire Helicroctor; pick up Laval(s Fire Tracker and drop it into battle!
  • Target the ice hunters with the Fire Tracker(s disc shooters; rescue King Crominus from the ice trap

Cragger(s Fire Helicroctor measures over 7&quote; (20cm) high, 16&quote; (43cm) long and 18&quote; (48cm) wide
Laval(s Fire Tracker measures over 3&quote; (10cm) high, 5&quote; (15cm) long and 4&quote; (11cm) wide

Includes 6 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Cragger, Laval, King Crominus, Strainor, Saraw and Icepaw. Cragger(s Fire Helicroctor features quick vehicle-pick-up-and-release function, rear-activated spinning rotors with flame details, 4 flick missiles, 2 engines, Croc head with opening cockpit and opening jaws. Laval(s Fire Tracker features cockpit, big wheels and tracks, 2 disc shooters and a lion head with opening jaws. Weapons includes Laval(s Fire Valious, Cragger(s Vengblaze, Icepaw(s Icehaxlor, Strainor(s Hacktor, Saraw(s Deepfroster and King Crominus( Royal Swamptorch.

WARNING: Choking hazard! Not for children under 3 years