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Product Image Lego Chima Bladvic's Rumble Bear

Lego Chima Bladvic's Rumble Bear

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Lego Chima Bladvic(s Rumble Bear Building Kit

Convert Bladvic(s Rumble Bear vehicle into a fearsome mech fighter! Stop Iceklaw escaping on his Ice Sledge with Bladvic(s posable Rumble Bear featuring fire chi power mode, fighter mode and 2 ball shooters. The Ice Bears, arch-enemy of the Brown Bear tribe, have entered Chima again! Now, Iceklaw is escaping with the stolen CHI on his super-fast Ice Sledge, helped by Vornon the Vulture. Power up Bladvic with his Fire Harness and Fire Wings and give chase on the awesome Rumble Bear. Fire the ball shooters and evade blasts from Iceklaw(s Freeze Cannon and then transform the Rumble Bear from fire chi power mode into fighter mode. Pose the arms, legs and head of Bladvic(s fearsome battle machine and overpower the rival warriors!
  • Bladvic comes with a Fire Harness and Fire Wings; weapons include Bladvic(s Fire Claw,
  • Iceklaw(s Freeze Cannon and Vornon(s IceScythe
  • Chase the super-fast Ice Sledge in Rumble Bear fire chi power mode; fire the ball shooters!
  • Dodge blasts from Iceklaw(s Freeze Cannon; create fearsome battle poses in fighter mode

Bladvic(s Bear Mech measures over 3&quote; high, 9&quote; long, 7&quote; wide in fire chi power mode; over 7&quote; high, 5&quote; long, 7&quote; wide in mech fighter mode
Iceklaw(s Ice Sledge measures over 1&quote; (3cm) high, 2&quote; (7cm) long and 1&quote; (5cm) wide

415 Piece set includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons: Bladvic, Iceklaw and Vornon. Bladvic(s Rumble Bear features fire chi power mode and fighter mode, cockpit for Bladvic, 2 ball shooters, 3 big wheels, posable arms, legs and head, bear detailing and golden elements. Also includes Iceklaw(s Ice Sledge.

WARNING: Choking hazard! Not for children under 3 years