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Product Image Lego City Space Training Jet Transporter

Lego City Space Training Jet Transporter

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Lego City Space Port Training Jet Transporter

Join the LEGO City space team aboard the Training Jet Transporter! The Training Jet Transporter includes a detachable trailer, jet with foldout wings, service car and 3 minifigures with accessories. Join the space team aboard the Training Jet Transporter! Help unload the supersonic jet from the huge trailer, fold out the wings, open the tinted cockpit and climb aboard. Now, start the engines and follow the service vehicle to the holding position. When you(re cleared for takeoff, thunder down the runway and soar into the sky! Practice landings and aerial maneuvers until you(re ready to pilot a space shuttle!
  • Features a Training Jet
  • Transporter with detachable trailer, training jet with opening cockpit and foldout wings, and a service car
  • Accessories include a fuel tank, 2 marshaling wands and a wrench element; drive the huge transporter; detach the trailer

Guide the training jet into position; fold out the wings; trailer measures over 10&quote; (27cm) long, 1&quote; (5cm) wide and under 1&quote; (2cm) high
Training Jet Transporter without trailer measures over 3&quote; (8cm) high, 6&quote; (17cm) long and 2&quote; (7cm) wide, and over 15&quote; (39cm) long with trailer attached
Jet measures over 3&quote; (8cm) high, 8&quote; (21cm) long and 6&quote; (17cm) wide; service car measures over 1&quote; (3cm) high, 2&quote; (6cm) long and 1&quote; (4cm) wide

448 Piece set includes 3 minifigures with assorted accessories: a driver, pilot and a service person.

WARNING: Choking hazard! Not for children under 3 years