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Product Image Leading Edge X3 Water Dancing Speakers

Leading Edge X3 Water Dancing Speakers

$ 49.99

Leading Edge X3 Water Dancing Speakers

Enjoy a mesmerizing water and light show to the beat of your music from the new X3 Water Dancing Speakers. 6 Multi-colored jets of water dance to the volume and beat of your music. Compatible with most tablets, smartphones, MP3 Players, PC(s and more. Pump up the volume and let the music flow with these Leading Edge X3 LED Water Dancing Speaker Black! Spice up your usual home music listening routine with these one-of-a-kind sound speakers. These speakers are the perfect musical companion for any home. Their sophisticated design means they go great with any musical occasion and fit soundly with any home decor. The LEDs create dazzling light show as the speakers pump out the tunes to keep your party going all through the night! As the volume rises and falls, the lights create a vivid display of light in the water, so the atmosphere is ever-changing and always an extravaganza for the eyes and the ears!
  • Water show timed to your music
  • Water dances to the beat
  • Multi colored LED lights illuminate the water
  • Compatible with most tablets, Smartphones, Mp3(s, Pcs and more
  • Stereo sound
  • 6W total power
  • Built in amplifier
  • Easy Set up
  • Powered by USB

11.7 x 7.8 x 4 inches

Package includes 2 speakers, 1 USB plug and one Stereo plug * Has Volume control, Water dance control switch and power switch

WARNING: Do not directly touch or push on the speaker (silver circle).