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Product Image Wiggles 3D Lexigo Rush

Wiggles 3D Lexigo Rush

$ 8.00 $ 15.99

Wiggles 3D Lexigo Rush

Lexigo RUSH is word fun at its best! Players race against a timer to write down as many words as they can find in the grid of 13 hexagon letter tiles. At the end of the round, players compare lists, but watch out: any word found on another player(s list doesn(t count! In the second and third rounds, bonus rings are added which double and redouble the point values of any words that use them, allowing for truly game-changing plays. There are also blank tiles that can stand for any letter to add to the fun!
  • Find words hidden in the 13 letter word grid
  • Twisty word Fun!
  • Free accessory app comes with scoring, timing and a dictionary

8.7 x 7.2 x 1.8 inches ; 11.2 ounces

46 Letter Tiles
2 Bonus Rings
2 Piece storage container

WARNING: Choking hazard! Small pieces. Not for children under 3 years