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Product Image Playmobil Fire Fighting Helicopter

Playmobil Fire Fighting Helicopter

$ 36.99

Playmobil Fire Fighting Helicopter

Ton for extinguishing a fire can be fixed on the helicopter and be filled up with water during the flight. Pulling the lever starts up the water flow.
  • Extinguish fires at sea and on land with the Fire Fighting Helicopter.
  • Outfitted with a hanging water tank, this helicopter can swoop in and put out the fire.
  • Simply, pull the tab on the side of the tank to open the bottom and release the water.
  • Seat up to two passengers inside the aircraft to aid in the rescue mission.
  • When not fighting fires, the helicopter can airlift stranded boaters to safety by attaching the Playmobil Life Raft (#5545) in place of the water tank.

1.1 pounds

Set includes two figures, helicopter, attachable water tank, rope, flames, first aid kit, and other accessories.

WARNING: Choking hazard! Not for children under 3 years