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Product Image Speedo UV Thermal Suit Blue 06X

Speedo UV Thermal Suit Blue 06X

$ 35.99 $ 47.99

Speedo UV Thermal Suit

The American Red Cross shares our mission to make water safety a priority - that(s why we partnered up to create Officially Licensed American Red Cross products within our Kids Begin to Swim Collection.
  • American Red Cross Licensed.
  • Blocks harmful rays with our Block the Burn UV50+ sun protection fabric featuring: Protection from sun(s harmful UVA and UVB rays.
  • More body coverage for greater sun protection.
  • Tighter knit fabric for higher level of protection from the sun(s harmful rays.
  • Improved fit so over-stretched product does not decrease the UPF rating.
  • Provides added warmth and extra buoyancy.
  • Comfortable, flexible fabric offers optimum mobility.

· Fabric: 80% Neoprene/20% Spandex.