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Product Image Mixmates Monsters & Superheroes

Mixmates Monsters & Superheroes

$ 7.50 $ 14.99

MIXMATES: Monsters & Superheroes

Will you use Mixmates to make a playful monster, a fearless superhero, or some combination of both? The story possibilities are endless with this special set.
  • Mixmates are colorful wooden blocks with characters as diverse as the children that play with them
  • Made of hardwood and durable inks, Mixmates will survive the bumps that go along with being a child(s favorite toy
  • As children mix, stack, and play, they develop fine motor skills as well as language as they describe their creations
  • They also learn sequencing as they line up heads, bodies, and legs
  • With Mixmates there is no one "right answer," so children of all ages develop creativity as they make the thousands of possible combinations
  • Features 12 colorful characters

Each block measures 2 x 2 x 2 inches

Includes 6 blocks