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Product Image Random House Little Owl Lost

Random House Little Owl Lost

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Little Owl Lost

by Chris Haughton
  • What if a little owl fell from his nest? A reassuring story for the very young told with whimsy and simple, vibrant artwork
  • Uh-oh! Little Owl has fallen from his nest and landed with a whump on the ground. Now he is lost and his mommy is nowhere to be seen!
  • With the earnest help of his new friend Squirrel, Little Owl goes in search of animals that fit his description of Mommy Owl.
  • But while some are big (like a bear) or have pointy ears (like a bunny) or prominent eyes (like a frog), none of them have all the features that make up his mommy. Where could she be?
  • A cast of adorable forest critters in neon-bright hues will engage little readers right up to the story(s comforting, gently wry conclusion.


32 pages