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Product Image Spicebox Knit & Crochet

Spicebox Knit & Crochet

$ 19.99 $ 24.99

Knit & Crochet Accessories

Explore the endless possibilities!
  • Knit & Crochet brings two well-loved crafts into one kit for everyone to enjoy
  • "Knitting" is the perfect place for beginners to start
  • With clear and thoughtful instructions and 4 styling projects to knit, this is the ideal guide for someone who has never knitted
  • "Crochet Accessories" allows you to pick up a crochet hook and some beautiful cotton yarn to explore a different horizon
  • With 11 fun and practical projects, this book and component kit will please crafters of all levels

2 full-color instruction books, 2 ball unbleached cotton crochet yarn, 4 balls soft acrylic/cotton yarn, 1 size 9 knitting needles, 3 crochet hooks, 3 buttons, 1 magnet clasp, 1 zipper, 3 needles