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Product Image Haba Terra Kids Camping Light

Haba Terra Kids Camping Light

$ 21.50 $ 42.99

Terra Kids Camping Light

What is so special about the Terra Kids lantern? It has a generator!
  • With the generator you can make your lantern shine without batteries
  • Your lantern includes a hand crank and by turning the crank, you activate the generator
  • The generator produces an electrical current, which is stored in the rechargeable battery
  • The accumulator provides enough energy for the small bring LED lamps to shine.
  • When the LED no longer lights up, the accumulator is empty. Just wind the crank and they will work again.
  • Note: It is best to wind the crank only when the light gets really dim, to ensure the accumulator lasts for a long time.

Plastic case, neoprene envelope

Measures 1.89 x 11.69 x 7.87 inches

Includes snap link, alarm whistle, compass and instructions