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Product Image Creative Color Me Pirate Vest w/Eye Patc

Creative Color Me Pirate Vest w/Eye Patc

$ 24.99

Ahoy! This Colour-A-Costume is sure to get your attention!

The striped satin Pirate vest features a surprise on the reverse - a costume you can colour in!

Pocket watches, alligators, navigation compasses, and all manner of jewel and treasure await artistic interpretation, and this Colour A Costume is an exciting way to pass a rainy afternoon while preparing for the high seas!

Comes with reversible vest and eye patch, and 8 water based markers!

Create your own colourful Pirate Vest and eye patch with this reversible set.

Pirate red & black striped satin on one side and black & white artwork ready to be coloured in on the other. Set includes 8 permanent, water based markers.