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Product Image Earlyears Spin-Tacular Play Center

Earlyears Spin-Tacular Play Center

$ 7.50 $ 9.99

For ages 6+ months.

Spin-tacular Play Center attaches to any smooth, flat surface – perfect for attaching to high chairs and stroller trays or simply for sticking to the floor. Babies are instantly mesmerized by the shiny, colorful surfaces and enticed to touch and play. In addition to the 5 spinning balls and 3 spinning bead, the wheel in the center spins around the bas, climbing or falling as it goes. Turn the top for click-clack sounds – always a hit with babies!

-Attaches to smooth surfaces with strong suction cup--perfect for highchairs and stroller trays

-Features 5 spinning balls and 3 spinning bug-beads

-Top clicks as you spin it and center wheel climbs up and down the center pole as it turns

-Kid-powered--no batteries required