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Product Image Sterling Trivia Hangman

Sterling Trivia Hangman

$ 8.95

For ages 12+ years. Hangman has entertained for eons, but now it's two games in one, testing both your word skills and your knowledge of trivia. Start by scratching off the silver-coated circles to try and find the right letters; you get six chances before you're hanged. Play four times to find four different words or phrases. If you guess them all correctly, try to discover what links all the answers. For instance, WORLD'S FAIR; PARIS, FRANCE; LATTICEWORK; and STEEL GIRDERS would lead to the answer EIFFEL TOWER. It's a real treat! 
Francis Heaney is a former editor-at-large for Games magazine, whose crosswords have appeared in the New York Times, The Onion, the New York Sun, Games, Newsday, and other publications. Puzzle books he has written or co-written include Trivial Pursuit Crosswords, The Sudoku Code, Crasswords, and Scratch & Solve Trivia Games. In 2007 and 2009, he was the third-place finisher in the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.