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Product Image School Zone Big Preschool Workbook

School Zone Big Preschool Workbook

$ 10.99

For ages 3+ years. Can your child recognize what's similar and different in a group of objects or concepts? This gigantic book of worksheets will keep your little one happy and excited to learn the necessary skills for preschool and kindergarten. The workbook is separated into six sections: Pre-Writing Practice, Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes & Colors, Phonics, and Pre-Reading Skills, each specially designed to get your child on track toward school success. The activities are arranged in order of increasing difficulty, so little ones stay challenged until the end, constantly expanding their knowledge. The cheery colors and illustrations ease children into learning without feeling overwhelmed, making the exercises seem more like playful fun than work. Give your child the resources to feel more confident in school today! 
Fun Features & Big Benefits 
• 320 pages of colorful, cute illustrations 
• Golden Scholar card for free download 
• Numerous pages are coloring-book style 
• Flexible, thick-coated cover 
• Parent note to introduce each learning section 
• Clear instructions on every page 
• Color-coded sections 
• Perforated pages great for individual worksheets 
• Skill focus listed at bottom corner of each page 
• Parent guide and table of contents inside front cover 
• Activity ideas inside back cover 
• Award page for a job well done 
• LOTS of learning for a low price! 
Skills: alphabetical order; numbers 1-10; colors; shapes; phonics; pre-writing; pre-reading; sequencing; following directions; matching; eye-hand coordination; identification; visual discrimination; opposites; beginning sounds; ending sounds; differentiation