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Product Image Harrisville Potholder Loom

Harrisville Potholder Loom

$ 16.99

There’s probably someone you know who made potholders on a loom like this when they were a child. It’s one of those wonderful old fashioned inventions still popular and useful today. It’s fun, and easy to do for ages 6 and up!

The Harrisville Potholder Loom is metal, not plastic! They’ve improved the peg design so the loops won’t slip off as easily while you weave.

The Potholder Loom includes:
Sturdy Metal Loom 7" x 7"
1 Bag Custom-sized Multicolored 100% Cotton Loops
2 Hooks (1 metal for weaving, 1 plastic crochet hook for finishing)
Illustrated Instructions

Sized 100% Cotton Loops! Makes 2 Potholders.