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Product Image Houghton Curious George Joins the Team

Houghton Curious George Joins the Team

$ 13.99

For ages 4-7 years. ||DS||Houghton Curious George Joins the Team

Curious George has a playdate at a park designed for children of all abilities, perfect for his new friend, Tina, who uses a wheelchair. While they are playing together, Tina spots some kids playing her favorite game: basketball. George jumps right into the action, but Tina is too shy to ask to join. George suspects Tina is just as good—even better—than the other kids. Can he come up with a way to show the players she(s got game and help her overcome her shyness? This story celebrates how kids of all abilities can play together!

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Hardcover: 24 pages

Age Range: 3 - 7 years