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Product Image Workman Waddle! Scanimation

Workman Waddle! Scanimation

$ 12.95


A Scanimation picture book
  • An animals-in-motion Scanimation book that will inspire prancing, hopping, stomping, and scampering
  • Created by the optical genius behind the phenomenal #1 and #2 New York Times bestselling children(s books, Gallop! and Swing!, Waddle! adds touches to color to the images and integrates in into the text
  • The Scanimation itself is also more lifelike, as the author continues to refine his patented Scanimation process, resulting in a more fluid, realistic motion
  • Teaches color and movement
  • Its language is a joy, the rhymes inspiring, the animals full of life
  • Has a surprise ending. Something else to grab the reader--literally.


12 pages