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Product Image Sunday Afternoons Traveler Hat Sagebrush Medium
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Sunday Afternoons Traveler Hat Sagebrush Medium

$ 29.99

Whether you are globe-trotting around the world, or just needing an extra hat to stash in your car, this attractive packable sun hat allows easy and compact toting for day trips or international adventures. Its folding brim slips easily into a convenient micro-fiber ‘travel tote’, which can be stashed in a glove compartment, suitcase, or backpack. Unlike rigid hat styles, it unfolds to become a neat and presentable hat in an instant. Features a hidden zip pocket, perfect for storing a credit card, key, or lip balm. UPF 50+ breathable nylon sun fabric. Hand wash, line dry. Lightweight: 3 ounces. Imported. Patent Pending.
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Traveler Hat

NOTE: 98% of adults fit easily in our 2 sizes. To measure your head, circle the crown of your head with a string or dental floss (above eyebrows and ears). Use a ruler to measure the string and compare to the above chart. Upon receiving your hat, loosen or tighten the rear sizing system (if applicable) for a custom fit. Fit the hat slightly above eyebrows and ears to allow front and peripheral vision. Crown fabric should remain loose.