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Product Image Thomas Hiro

Thomas Hiro

$ 21.99

Thomas the Tank Engine Train Toy

Meet Hiro, the newest addtion to the Thomas Wooden Railway line. Hiro is one of the stars of the new Thomas and Friends DVD release, "Hero of the Rails."
Hiro is a 'Japanese' engine that was brought to Sodor many years ago. At one time, he was a strong, fast engine. In his heyday, Hiro was known as the Master of the Railway. He was wise, very dignified and enormously kind. However, over time Hiro fell into disrepair.

Thomas found him again, and feared that Hiro might be sent to the smelters yard. Thomas agreed to help binrg Hiro back his former glory.

Despite Spencer being mean, new friends at the Sodor Steamworks, Victor and Kevin, are there to help Thomas in his quest to reinstate Hiro as the 'Master of the Railway'.