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Product Image Ravensburger Mystery Garden

Ravensburger Mystery Garden

$ 9.99

For ages 4+ years. Let's Play! Randomly place the 48 picture cards face down around the game board. The youngest player begins by picking up any one of the picture cards they choose, being sure not to show it to any of the other players. This picture card shows an exact picture of an object on the game board. The other players try to guess the object by asking "yes" or "no" questions. After each question, the single playing piece is moved along the path in the mystery garden. The player who correctly guesses the object shown on the picture card keeps that card & draws another one from around the game board. Then the questions begin again. If no one has guessed the object by the time the playing piece reaches the castle, the player answering the questions keeps the picture card & draws another one & the questioning starts over. The player with the most picture cards at the end of the game wins. What Do You Learn? Recognition, association, deductive reasoning.