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Product Image Puma Big Cat II Soccerball Orange Black White 3.0
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Puma Big Cat II Soccerball Orange Black White 3.0

$ 19.99

Do you want to look like a big cat... we mean Big Shot out on the pitch? It's easy to do now that Toyandsport offers the Puma Big Cat II soccer ball! The best part about this ball is that you can look like a big shot without being a big spender!

It's a high-quality ball, but it won't cost you an arm and a leg. It uses a combination of a TPU casing with a polyester backing to offer durable, yet consistent play. So you can use the ball to train your hardest, and it will still last a long time!

These Puma match soccer balls are machine-stitched. Some of the other qualities include a soft ball feel, excellent shape retention, and optimal bounce and flight characteristics.

See? Quality at a low price! Now all you have to do is grab the Puma Big Cat and practice, practice, practice, and you'll be a big cat... Oops, we did it again... a big shot on the field!