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Product Image Pony Scouts Pony Party

Pony Scouts Pony Party

$ 2.00 $ 3.99

For ages 4-8 years.

When Jill's mom asks the Pony Scouts to help her run a pony party for a little girl's birthday, Meg, Jill, and Annie can't wait to help! After all, any girl who is having a pony party must share the Pony Scouts' love for all things horses. But when the Pony Scouts arrive at the party, they see that the birthday girl is the only one at the party who is not interested in riding the horses! How could this be? The Pony Scouts will find out!

Gallop on with the Pony Scouts in this beautifully illustrated book—the ninth in the Pony Scouts series!

32 Pages