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Product Image Breyer Pinto Sporthorse

Breyer Pinto Sporthorse

$ 44.99

For ages 8+ years.

Sport Horses are bred to perform in the Olympic disciplines: eventing, dressage and show jumping. Their size, talent and athletic ability make them a natural fit in these challenging events! In order to be competitive, Sport Horses need to have good conformation. Some common traits to look for in these horses are nicely sloped shoulders to aid jumping and movement, long and athletic strides with good suspension, and a willing and forward temperament!

Thoroughbreds are often used in the breeding of Sport Horses, in addition to Warmbloods and Warmblood crosses. Occasionally, Warmbloods are crossed with colored horses, such as Paints, Pintos and Appaloosas, to create a Sport Horse of color! This sleek bay Pinto Sport Horse has a beautiful tobiano coat pattern. Tobianos typically have white legs and a mostly solid-colored head. The dark-colored spots cross the horse's topline over its back, and the spots themselves have crisp edges. This Pinto Sport Horse will add a bit of color to the show ring!

Scale: 1:9