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Product Image Enchantmints Horse Ranch Music Box

Enchantmints Horse Ranch Music Box

$ 28.99

For ages 6+ years. To a horse lover, there is no such thing as too many horses - especially a horse jewelry box. For once the soul of a horse has captured your heart, there is no turning back. Dedicated to horse lovers everywhere, this beautiful Horse Ranch Music Jewelry Box features these graceful animals experiencing the joy of just being themselves. The illustrations are playful and dreamy, and appeal to all ages! It plays music and comes with a horse figurine! Compliment your jewelry in side this beautiful Horse Treasure Box, or any special type of treasure whether it's a horse drawing, earrings, or anything else! The tallest style is excellent for tiny treasures - They are all safe and comfortable inside. Four drawers, one in front and one on each side. The box is 6"X4"X6".